Nail Fungus Solution By Blitzby, Nail Fungus Pen, Restores Discolored & Damaged Nails to a Healthy Appearance, Safe & Professional Remedy- 4 Pcs

Product Features:

1. Our Nail Toenail Solution adopting a new generation of biofilm technology from Germany, it can quickly form a film and remove effectively.
2. Onychomycosis Stop – Hyperplasia and deep mycorrhiza, smooth, ruddy, glossy, the state of health!

3. Toenail Treatment – A range of skin healing and rejuvenating ingredients ensure skin is left smooth and undamaged.
4. Its 100% natural ingredients reduce infection duration, frequency and severity; penetrating the skin to attack deeply rooted onychomycosis, while soothing and alleviating intense itching and burning.
5. Simple, Easy To Use, first, use a nail file to gently roughen the surface of your nails to allow the oil to absorb better. Next, use applicator to coat affected nails and cuticles and allow to dry.

1. Be sure to use it according to the correct method!
2. Pull off the cap and gently rotate the barrel, there will be a small amount of liquid!
3. 3 times a day, every time smear three times on the nail and its contour.
4. According to the thickness of gray nails, adhere to the use of 14 to 28 days, at least 7 days can be seen better;
5. After 14 to 28 days of application, according to the gray nail loosening, the tool is used to remove the decomposition of gray nail;
6. Afterwards, continue to apply and consolidate according to your own situation until the new armor grows!



Nail Toenail Repair: Suitable for fingers and toe healthy nails – Restores the healthy appearance of nails discolored or damaged by nail discoloration or psoriasis.

Complete Nail Makeover: Our natural Fungus nail Repair Pen is formulated with natural ingredients to help – strengthen nails & soothe dry cuticles, helping to give your nails a complete makeover!
Travel-friendly: This travel size Fungus Nail Pen strengthen nails with a maximum strength formula that keeps skin moisturized.
Fast-Effective: Use it 3 times a day, and keep your nails clean during treatment, and you’ll see significant results after seven days.A full cure can be achieved in two to three weeks.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. There is no risk for you, so give our repair pen a try!


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