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This Hair Removal Cream is especially formulated for men. Do not look further for a one-stop solution for all your hairy problems.

The cream is designed to remove the hair from closer to the root, while also delaying the growth of new hair, allowing you to enjoy smooth skin for an extended amount of time.

With aloe vera, baby oil, Hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E in the formula, the hair removal cream is the gentle yet effective solution for the entire body.


Deionized water, Aloe Vera extract, Glycerin (baby oil), Vitamin E acetate, Synthetic squalane, Polydimethylsiloxane, Calcium mercapto acetate, Cetyl stearyl alcohol, Glyceryl stearate, Xanthan gum, Allantoin, Hydroxybenzyl esters, Hydroxyphenyl ester, Hyaluronic acid.

How to Use:


Before using the hair removal cream, you can use a hot towel to heat the hair part, so that the pores can be opened by heat.

STEP 1: Use a towel or water clean around the area.
STEP 2: Apply the hair removal cream evenly on the parts that need to be removed.

STEP 3: After 10 minutes, wipe in the reverse direction of your hair. (for better results, please extent the waiting time)

STEP 4: Clean it with water, and warm water is recommended.

Applicable Skin Type:

Any skin type.


For external use only.

Please keep it out of the reach of young children.

If there is any discomfort after use, please suspend the use.


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